FUTIl 4.79 is now available

Monday, 08 March 2010 23:43 i5

This version vontains a few enhancements around the displaying and handling of hex.

When a field contains invalid data, in the single record screen, an additional two lines for hex input are display automatically and you are prevented from keying on the top line.  On the Hex lines you can either enter Hex or any other displayable characters, letters or numbers on the top line, so long as the bottom line is blank.  This gives you the ability to mix and match hex with normal characters as much as you like,

Additionally, by default Spaces in Hex mode are now displayed as a space and not 4/0.  This is to make the screen less cluttered and thus easier to read.  You can switch to full hex mode and back again with the new function key F17.

Download From Here

Please note that due to a pointer incompatability issue, this release will not run on V4R5, I hope to find a solution to the problem shortly, but for now, it has only been verified at V5R4 and later...Sorry!


Full list of Changes in version 4.79

Note that service program SSLSTRSRV has changed in this.  If you are loading FUTIL into a library where you ahve alredy loaded another SLIC profuct, there may be incompatabilities until those products are updated with the newer version.

To be on the safe side, install toa  clean library, even if upgrading.