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FUTIL Version 5.14 is now available


Another day another release, all thanks to the eager bug spotting capabilities of LeoR!

This time there is a fix for searching.  When you came to the end of a forward search (either at the end of the range or a match was found), VUE would skip a number of records when you next paged down or pressed F7 again.  Hopefully not any more.

And hopefully the last release this side of christmas!


FUTIL Version 5.13 is now available


Hot on the heals of version 5.12, this version now includes fixes for Time fields.


FUTIL 5.12 Released


This version is minor update, fixing two small problems with VUE.

  • When VUEing a keyed physical file and 'K' is entered to switch to sequential mode, F18 can now be used to display deleted records (previously disabled)
  • Date fields (type L) in formats other than *ISO are now catered for

Remember when installing this version, as there is a database change, it must be installed to an empty library.

The date field problem was reported by LeoR - Thanks!


FUTIL 5.02 is now available


We've passed the 5.00 mark for FUTIL!!!!!!

The changes in this release include:

  • New feature to swap between ascending and keyed sequence in a keyed file. Entering a 'K' in the control field will toggle between Keyed and Ascending. It is still possible to position to a key in ascending mode, the display will start from the key position but show in ascending.
  • Member name is now correctly displayed (was missing right hand bracket)
  • File type and access method is now displayed (*KEYED or *ASCENDING)

For more information on FUTIL, click here


FUTIL 5.08 is now available


This version sees a couple of small improvements and a couple of bug fixes:

  • Start adding support for data type O (Open)
  • Fix bug where highlighting on search would result in the whole page highlighted if found on last item on page and seach field then cleared.
  • Fixed several problems with relative positioning in Keyed and Ascending modes.
  • Fixed subfile error when switching to hex mode in single record dispay and exiting back to multi record display.
  • Added new test file FUTESTL5 that includes input only substring fields.
  • In Single record mode, prevent Input only fields from being keyed.



FUTIL 4.99 is now available


This release contains a small fix in VUE whereby incorrect records were being selected in HEX mode.

No other changes made


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