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FUtil Version 4.30 is now available


as400Version 4.30 BETA of File utilities if now availabel for download.

Changes include -

  • Messages sent correctly in SSLFU14M
  • F5=Refresh now positions correctly
  • Fixed problem saying the buffer had been changed on an edit when it hadn't.  Needed to chheck only the correct record length due to undefined buffer.
  • Messages for add, edit, copy, delete etc. now have RRN correctly displayed.
  • Added UNDEL2 to distribution, ready for implementing undelete function.

FUtil Version 4.20 is now available


as400Version 4.20 BETA of File utilities if now availabel for download.

Changes include -

  • Added ability to Edit,Copy and Delete records
  • New Procedures in STSTR
  • Started mult linguia cahnges with message id's megining in FC£nnnn
Note that there currently is no validation or prompting, so be careful!

FUtil Version 4.10 Now Available!


eserver_iseries2_150Version 4.10 Beta has just been made available in the Downloads Section,

Changes iunclude:

  • Added F15 On single display for Wide (currently only really for 132 column displays)
  • Added new procedure stConvertCharToHes to SSLStr (not used yet but will be when we get into doing editing records)
  • Fixed error when invalid data sent to screen in SSLFU11R. (Now marks crappy data correctly)



Welcome to the first post on the new SLIC Systems website.


It is my intention to post open source software for both i5 (iSeries and AS/400) and for Joomla.


SLIC Systems hasn't existed as a company for some nine years, since I stumbled into full time employment.  The original website hosted a number of useful tools, I intend to resurrect some of those and introduce some new ones.


The main too I'm releaseing is FUtil (File Utilities)  This is a another WRKDBF type tool.  As mentioned above,  free and open source.


As this website is written in Joomla!, I also intend to publish any addons, modules etc...


watch this space!




First public version of FUtil now available


Yes, it's now here...

The first version of File Utilities (FUtil) is now available, for more information of FUtil, visit the FUtil home page

This software has been under development since 1989, has undergone many transitions since then, but has never been completed.  In fact, no way can I say it's complete now, but it is relatively stable in it's current form.  There are many new features still to add, and I hope to be doing so over the coming months.

The main features for FUtil are:

Command VUE -

  • View any keyed or sequential database file
  • 132 and 80 column support
  • Position to any record
  • Re-order fields on screen
  • Search for field values - up and down the file
  • Switch screen sizes on the fly
  • Display hex representation

Command DBR -

  • Display a list of database relations for each logical based over physicals
  • Can work on any logical or physical file
  • Display select/omits

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