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FUTIL - Another minor fix release v4.66 now available


This release contains a small fix to a couple of message id's that was causing the distribution to hiccup for some people.

With a little luck and a following wind, this should be the last for a few days!


FUTIL Version 4.65 (quick bug fix) now available


Wouldn't you know it, I test endlessly in different enviornments, make a small change and then forget tore-test.

In this case a source member (SSLCOPYSDS) was missing from the distribution of 4.64.

Sorry for the inconvenience everyone.  This version should work.... Honest!


FUtil Version 4.64 is now available


as400Version 4.64 of FUtil is now available to download

Download Here:

Main changes in this are the start of preferences and confitmation request on add, edit, copy or delete record.

See after the break for a complete list of changes



File utilities version 4.50 Released


vue main pageVersion 4.50 of FUtil for i5, iSeries and AS/400 has now been released.

Major changes in this version include the ability to view deleted records when displaying by RRN and now handles variable length records correctly.

Like all software on this site, FUtil is open source under the GPL v2 licence.

More information after the break...


FUtil Version 4.60 is now available


Just a small update to FUtil, to fix an installation problem and a couple of search issues.

This will be the last update for a few weeks, as I'm taking a break.


New downloads added


as400I've now published downloads for the following

These are all in SLIC Distributor format, Open Source under the GPL v2 licence and are free to use.

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