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FUTIL version 4.80 now available


This version contains just a couple of small fixes -

  • Modified SSLFU11R, SSLFU14M and SSLSTR so that it should now run on V4R5.
    This was achieved by passing *NULL insteatd of *OMIT for return string. 
  • If Hex Mode was selected in single record display, the subfile would be  
    blown on ther multi record display.  Recalculate no of lines when coming
    out of single record to prevent this.

As usual, please ensure your installation library is clear before installing


FUTIl 4.79 is now available


This version vontains a few enhancements around the displaying and handling of hex.

When a field contains invalid data, in the single record screen, an additional two lines for hex input are display automatically and you are prevented from keying on the top line.  On the Hex lines you can either enter Hex or any other displayable characters, letters or numbers on the top line, so long as the bottom line is blank.  This gives you the ability to mix and match hex with normal characters as much as you like,

Additionally, by default Spaces in Hex mode are now displayed as a space and not 4/0.  This is to make the screen less cluttered and thus easier to read.  You can switch to full hex mode and back again with the new function key F17.

Please note that due to a pointer incompatability issue, this release will not run on V4R5, I hope to find a solution to the problem shortly, but for now, it has only been verified at V5R4 and later...Sorry!



Display File Layout V2.1 (small bug fix)


A small update to display file layout.  This is fixing the problem where the "To" column was displaying an iincorrect byte count.


Version 4.71 of FUTIL is now available


This version is mainly a bug fix release with a couple of small enhancements included.

It can be downloaded here -

It is recommended, as there is not an official upgrade path, that you clear the target library before installing.

List of changes after the break


FUTIL Version 4.75 is now available


The latest version of FUTIL is now available in the downloads section.

The main feature of this release is the ability to edit in hex mode.  It also has some stability enhancements and has better support for 132 columns.

To download -

For a complete list of changes, click on



FUTIL Version 4.69 is Now Available


This  version is primarily a bug fix to allow FUTIL to work properly on 24x80 screens and to allow it to compile on V4R5

More information after the break



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