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FUTIL 4.98 is now available


This version sees a new feature and a few bug fixes.

You can now enter a relative record number into the control field even for keyed files.  This will automagically position to that record but still in keyed sequence.  Entering a P against a record will position to that point as well.  If there are multiple records with the same key (i.e. fhe key isn't unique), it will still try to position to the correct place.

This version has been verified on versions of OS/400 from V4R5 to V6R1


FUTIL Version 4.92 Released


Version 4.92 of FUTIL has now been released

This fixes a critical problem whereby new records could not be added or records copied.  It also introduces better command key display that is now more context sensitive.

You are strongly encouraged to install this version, if you have versions 4.86 or 4.87 installed.  In fact even if you don't, you'll appreciate the update!

Click here for more information on FUTIL



New Tool - Work With CSV Files


I've now released a new tool to help you to upload CSV files to your system.

It will give you the ability to quickly analuze, create a database file and convert the data into the database.

I've been using it for many years, and I'm sure you will find it useful.

Information here


FUTIL Version 4.87 is now available


This release contains a few small fixes:

  • Fixed Keyrf in wrong order in Aspect procedure.  VUE should now notice (at last) when a file definition changes!
  • Exiting is now a lot easier when pressing F3 from Alter Aspect!
  • Test File FUTEST now contains a Graphic (Data Type G) Field.
  • Message subfile now cleared correctly in Get Key (SSLFU15M)

New Tool - Compare File Data


I've now released a new tool - compare file data.

This command gives you the ability to display the differences of keyed files that may have changed during a development process and then manually aid the re-integrate the changes into production.

The details it gives incluides:

  • Records in first file not in second (key exists in first but not second)
  • Records in second file not in first (key exists in second but not in first)
  • Records changed between the two files (key exists in both files but record otherwise changed)
  • Details of each field that has been added or changed between the two files

More information on Compare File data can be found here


FUTIL Version 4.86 is now available


This version has several main enhancements

You can now use VUE to handle graphic (type G fields), it will automatically convert the CCSID where required so the field can be viewed.  Updating of these fields is not yet supported.  This means you can now VUE such files as QAQQINI.  Other changes include lower case entry when positioning at key fields and the ability to truncate fields when displaying single records.



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