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for i5 and Joomla

  • Increase font size
  • Default font size
  • Decrease font size

Format RPG Program



This command is aprogrammer tool that makes RPG program sources eariser to read.


  • Highlight comment lines
  • Changes END to EndIf, EndDo etc..
  • Changes statements to mixed case for easy reading
  • Adds IF/DO levels to right side of source
  • Indents Free format source

Change Log

v2.0 First released verson this decade


To Download,

For instructions on uploading to your i5, iSeries or AS/400 Read the instructions here


  • Added F15 On single display for Wide (currently only really for 132 column displays)
  • Added new procedure stConvertCharToHex to SSLSTR (not used yet but will be when we get into doing editing records)
  • Fixed error when invalid data sent to screen in SSLFU11R. (Now marks crappy data correctly)

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