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for i5 and Joomla

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Display File Layout



Replacement for the DSPFFD command.

Provides two commands, DSPFL and PRTFL (Display and Print File Layout).

Change Log

04-Mar-2010 v2.1 Released

Fix problem where "To" column was displaying an incorrect byte count

v2.0 First released verson this decade


To Download,

For instructions on uploading to your i5, iSeries or AS/400 Read the instructions here


  • Added F15 On single display for Wide (currently only really for 132 column displays)
  • Added new procedure stConvertCharToHex to SSLSTR (not used yet but will be when we get into doing editing records)
  • Fixed error when invalid data sent to screen in SSLFU11R. (Now marks crappy data correctly)

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