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Compare File Data



The compare file data command is a programmer utility that gives a complete before/after represenation of database files.

The information it gives is:

  • Records in first file not in second (key exists in first but not second)
  • Records in second file not in first (key exists in second but not in first)
  • Records changed between the two files (key exists in both files but record otherwise changed)
  • Details of each field that has been added or changed between the two files

Usage Instructions

To use Compare fie Data, enter the command:


The following files will be created in QTEMP, that you can analyse as required

SSLUT60P Summary of file changes
SSLUT60P2A Details of records in FileA only (key exists in A, but not in B)
SSLUT60P2B Details of records in FileB only (Key exists in B, but not in A)
SSLUT60P2C Details of records changed between the two files (Keys match)
SSLUT60P3 Complete summary of changes between files, listing the individual fields that have been altered






Change Log

Next Version - to be releaased soon

  • New Parameter IGNORE - fields to ignore for comparison
  • New Parameter KEYFEILD - Specify keys, use if files being conmpared are unkeyed
  • New Parameter SELECT - Specify additional record selection
  • Added descriptions to output files and print files produced
  • Fixed bug preventing file with large number of fields being compared
  • Fixed bug with time fields not being recognised (any unknown field type is now treated as alpha)

14-Jan-2010 Version 1.2 Released

  • Fix parameter error when running command

05-Apr-2010 Initial version released


To Download Compere File Data, please

For instructions on uploading to your i5, iSeries or AS/400 you can read the instructions here


  • Added F15 On single display for Wide (currently only really for 132 column displays)
  • Added new procedure stConvertCharToHex to SSLSTR (not used yet but will be when we get into doing editing records)
  • Fixed error when invalid data sent to screen in SSLFU11R. (Now marks crappy data correctly)

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