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i5 Software

Here are a number of Tools/Utilities, all offered on an open source basis.

They are:



Release DateVersionInformationSupport

SLIC Distributor

Tools to Create Self Extracting text distributions of sources V5R3 14-Jan-2011 v1.70 Here Here
FUTIL File Utilities.  Similar to WRKDBF etc.  Display, edit and copy database records







Here Here

Format RPG Program

Format RPG sources to make them easier to read V5R3 16-Jan-2010 v2.00 Here

Display File Layout

Easier to read than DSPFFD V5R3 04-Mar-2010 v2.10 Here

Intelligent Remove Members

Remove old members from a physical file coming soon
Compare File Data Compare the contents of two keyed database files V5R3 14-Jan-2011 v1.2 Here
Work with CSV Files Quickly analyze and import CSV files V5R3 06-Apr-2010 v1.0 Here

    Note that the release indicates the earlist release I have tested the tools on, they may work on previous releases, I just haven't got around to verfying them!

    They have been developed over a number of years and have a number of different coding styles.  All of them have been developed in order to solve problems I had at the time.

    For instructions on uploading and installing these products, see the Installing Software In SLIC Distributor Format page.

    Remember that you must not load any tool on to any system that you are not authorized to do so.  All software is issued without warranty and support is on a best endevours basis.  Do not load anything on to a live/production system without fully testing it first for suitability.  No responisility will be accepted for data loss or corruption.


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