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File Utilities. Database file editor (FUTIL)

FUTIL is a totally free, open source utility.  It is similar to WRKDBF, VIEW and SHWFC to name but a few.

The main commands are:

  • VUE - Edit a file
  • DBR - Display database relations

To upload and install to your IBM i, i5, iSeries or As/400, read the instructions Here

If you are upgrading, it is strongly recommended that you install to a clean library

For more information in FUTIL, see the File Utilities page


FUTIL version 5.31
futil5.31.mbr (3.88 MB)

This long awaited version has the following changes:

Update UNDEL2 to 2.0.7

Fix crash when positioning by key and key field has non displayable character.  THis is achieved by using the display single record module to determine the less module to maintain!

FUTIL Version 5.27
futil5.27.mbr (3.85 MB)
This version updated UNDEL2 to the latest released version (2.0.6) and fixes problems with the undelete retrieval process not always working as expected.
FUTIL Version 5.25
futil5.25.mbr (3.77 MB)
This version fixes a crash which occures if the file has been created as share(*YES) and you attempt to update it with option 2.
FUTIL Version 5.24
futil5.24.mbr (3.76 MB)

This version increases the maximum size of fields and records to 32k (previous maximm field size was 9999 bytes).

Also fixing three bugs:

  • Incorrect member was being accessed when retrieving deleted records from multi-membered file
  • Bizare crash on some occasions with binary2 data
  • Display an error message (rather than crashing out) when attempting delete/update/write records when not authorized to the member.
FUTIL Version 5.16
futil5.16.mbr (3.76 MB)

Another small bugfix release -

  • When searching using F7 or F8 and the seach parameter had been changed, search results were not being found on the current page.  Instead searching started from the next page.  This has now been resolved.
  • Changed search field so that field name is displayed instead of field number (Field number can still be entered)
  • Fix bug preventing start field changing when a search field name is entered
Remember to install to an empty library if upgrading froma version prior to 5.12
FUTIL Verwsion 5.14
futil5.14.mbr (3.75 MB)

This version fixes searching and paging down after a sarch where the positioning could be wrong.

If upgrading from a version prior to 5.12, please ensure you clear the installation library beforehand.

FUTIL Version 5.13
futil5.13.mbr (3.75 MB)

This version of FUTIL contains a couple of small bug fixes

  • Time fields with differeing formats and separators are now handled
  • An error is now issued if the installation program is not compiled as a CLP

If upgrading from a version of FUTIL prior to 5.12, please clear your installation library first.

FUTIL Version 5.08
futil5.08.mbr (3.72 MB)
  • Start adding support for data type O (Open)
  • Fix bug where highlighting on search would result in the whole page highlighted if found on last item on page and seach field then cleared.
  • Fixed several problems with relative positioning in Keyed and Ascending modes.
  • Fixed subfile error when switching to hex mode in single record dispay and exiting back to multi record display.
  • Added new test file FUTESTL5 that includes input only substring fields.
  • In Single record mode, prevent Input only fields from being keyed.
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