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FUTIL 4.98 is now available


This version sees a new feature and a few bug fixes.

You can now enter a relative record number into the control field even for keyed files.  This will automagically position to that record but still in keyed sequence.  Entering a P against a record will position to that point as well.  If there are multiple records with the same key (i.e. fhe key isn't unique), it will still try to position to the correct place.

This version has been verified on versions of OS/400 from V4R5 to V6R1

  • Fixed very long outstanding problem with 10 character library names causing selection to fail when filename not specified in VUE
  • Fixed search highlighting not showing up in white on the first displayed field on 24x80 screen
  • Added feature to enter RRN in control field for keyed files.  This essentially looks at the key on the RRN selected and then positions to that record in the file.  If the record is not found, it does it's best to position as near as possible.
  • Enabled the P=Position.  When selecting a row with P, it will position to that record.  Works for Keyed and arrival files.
  • Fixed another long outstanding problem where attemt to use F6 to prosition after last record in file caused nothing to happen and no error reported.  It will now take you to the end of the file and inform you of attempt to position past last record in file.
  • Fixed installation problem if installed to a new library
  • Fixed V4R5 installation problem

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