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FUTIL Version 4.92 Released


Version 4.92 of FUTIL has now been released

This fixes a critical problem whereby new records could not be added or records copied.  It also introduces better command key display that is now more context sensitive.

You are strongly encouraged to install this version, if you have versions 4.86 or 4.87 installed.  In fact even if you don't, you'll appreciate the update!

Click here for more information on FUTIL


Full list of changes in this release -
  • Fix Bug that hed crept in last couple of releases preventing you adding or copying records due to a nullmap not being filled out.  We now make all fields non null on write.  In a future release we will come up with a better solution.  But this will work with 99.9% of all files I know about.
  • Add extra field to SSLFUTBL to handle extra conditions for function keys
  • New procedure sslfu92_rtvAIB to translate AIB byte
  • New Table FKEYS added
  • Attempted to fix prompt window display size problem when displaying 80 columns (*DS3) on a 132 column (*DS4) display.  It's not displaying as 80 cols correctly but now overlaying correctly! Getting very annoying!
  • Completely re-factored the function key handling in VUE.  It will now show all available keys and stretch across the page as required.

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