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FUTIL Version 4.75 is now available


The latest version of FUTIL is now available in the downloads section.

The main feature of this release is the ability to edit in hex mode.  It also has some stability enhancements and has better support for 132 columns.

To download -

For a complete list of changes, click on


  • Modified SSLFU14M (Work with single record) so that you can now edit in Hex mode.  This no longer uses a SFLDROP but rather extra subfile lines when a hex line is required.
  • Fixed stConvertCharToHex to actually convert hex correctly!
  • If no of fields changed in the file, updating the aspect would miss the last fields.  This should now be ok!
  • New modult SSLFU92M which has screen handling stuff in it, currently only for checking screen size.
  • Exit screen now works in 132 columns.
  • Message for invalid chars is now targeted for display/edit as required.
  • Improve behaviour of exiting from exit screen with option 6.
  • On V4R5, (on my box anyway) and non displayable data is encountered, the screen hangs rather than returning an error.  This means we never get to set the crappydata flag on to handle the bad data!  A change has now been made to test the release of OS400 and if on V4, the crappydata flag is set permanently on so all data to the screen is filtered.

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