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File utilities version 4.50 Released


vue main pageVersion 4.50 of FUtil for i5, iSeries and AS/400 has now been released.

Major changes in this version include the ability to view deleted records when displaying by RRN and now handles variable length records correctly.

Like all software on this site, FUtil is open source under the GPL v2 licence.

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20-Jan-2010 4.50 Released

  • Prevented exit screen crasher when open applied to open display file.
  • Give warning when displaying deleted records.  so as to manage expectations
  • Handle display and updating of variable length fields.
  • Handle variable length fields in key positioning
  • Fix bug where additional lines in key display may be 1 byte too small.

19-Jan-2010 4.40 Not Released

  • Added Procedure to SSLFU90M to read by relative record number.
  • Data area FUTILVER was being locked, thus preventing more than one job using VUE!!! Not needed anymore, so removed from SSLFU11R
  • Added F18 to display location of deleted records when reading sequentially by RRN (not keyed files!). This is a toggle, defaulting to not displaying deleted when entering program.
  • When refreshing with F5 or F18 and in sequential mode, we will now position to the first RRN already displayed rather than reading back a page of records.
  • Fix crasher when changing screen sized in Hex Mode.  It was reading too many records and then blosing the subfile!
  • Added ability to Add records (Take A from control field)
  • Binary 8 fields now handled correctly when writing to file.
  • Output conversion was not handling date/time correctly.  Better now!
  • Pressing F18 twice will now display the deleted record in RED
  • SSLFU14M will now retrieve deleted records. but not Variable length fields!
  • Fixed some positioning errors.
  • Added member name to open etc... (How DID I miss that??)
  • Blanked out control field after some operations to prevent confusion.
  • Fixed +/- positioning for ascending files.

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