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FUTIL 5.31 has been released


After a long delay, I have made available a new version of FUTIL.

Changes include:

  • Fix crash when attempting to position with a key that has a non displayable character in it, this has been achieved by using the display single record module to retrieve the key position.  This module has a lot more funciotnality in it for handling multiple display sizes and hex characters.  Also means one less module to maintain in the future.
  • Version 2.0.7 of UNDEL2

As usual, 


File Utilities Version 5.27 is now available


This version fixes incosistencies with he Undelete function and will now retrieve the content of a deleted record more often than it did before.

The UNDEL2 module has been upgraded to the latest available version (2.0.6) and the parameters to it's call has been fixed.


FUTIL Version 5.25 is now available


Another day, another release!

This version fixes a bug that caused a crash if the file had been created with share(*YES) and you tried to do an update.


New Versions of Distributor and Compare File Data Released


I have released today uodated versions of both SLIC Distributor and Compare File Data

Both contain bug fixes caused by incorrect parameters, no new functionality otherwise.


File Utilities (FUTIL) Version 5.24 is now available


It's been a while since the last update but a few bugs have been reported and it's time for a new release.

This version increases the maximum size of fields and records to 32k (previous maximm field size was 9999 bytes).

Also fixing three bugs:

  • Incorrect member was being accessed when retrieving deleted records from multi-membered file
  • Bizare crash on some occasions with binary2 data
  • Display an error message (rather than crashing out) when attempting delete/update/write records when not authorized to the member.

FUTIL Version 5.16 is now available


This will be the final release for 2010...

Thanks to everybody who's given me feedback over the last year.  To round the year off here are a few small bugfixes.

  • When searching using F7 or F8 and the seach parameter had been changed, search results were not being found on the current page.  Instead searching started from the next page.  This has now been resolved.
  • Changed search field so that field name is displayed instead of field number
  • Fix bug preventing start field changing when a search field name is entered

Happy New Year!!!!

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